Friday, November 14, 2014

The Little Mustard Bag That Could

The Little Mustard Bag That Could
An Outfit of the Day

Outfit Details
Hat | Crossroads Trading Co.
Polka Dot Peplum Top | Crossroads Trading Co.
Black Pants | Target
Brown Flats | Target
Purse | Diane Von Furstenburg
Watch | Nordstrom BP

Confession time! I am the worsttttt at putting blog posts up in time! You guys would be disgusted by the amount of posts I have stored up on my computer just waiting to be edited. I love the artistic part of blogging and youtube; the filming, lighting, angles, background, outfits, ect. Yet taking the time to nitpick each photo and edit them perfectly drives me insane sometimes. I get so inspired by the actual creating process that sometimes I use it all up when it comes to posting! Here is a perfect example. 
This shoot is from about 2 months ago when I had bangs. (I hateddddd those bangs but looking back now they are actually kind of cute! Anyways...) I had recently found this mustard bag I thought had only existed in my dreams. Backstory on the mustard obsession.... About a year ago when I was working for crossroads the most gorgeous Tory Burch mustard crossbody came in. It was petite with an adorable bow and it was $65, steal!!! Of course I had to get it. 
Well these two lovely regulars came into the store (not the good kind of regulars, the trash the store and take no prisoners kind of regulars) and as I was buying merchandise they hovered over me to see what I was buying. After I was finished they asked me to see all the things I had just bought. Since I had been trained that the customer gets first dibs I sadly let them see the purse. Only minutes later they purchased it and were gone.
 Buyers remorse hit me hard. I  thought about that baby for months afterwards. Scouring ebay and poshmark hoping someone was selling something similar and preying that maybe they would tire of the bag and sell it back to crossroads. That never happened. 
Then one day this gorgeous came in and filled my void. Though it lacks the bow it has an adorable tassel that does the trick. As I am writing this I am laughing at the sheer amount of passion I have for these handbags. Hey, there is a reason I am a fashion merchandising major, I am obsessed with this stuff!
I created this whole outfit around the bag, pairing black and chambray with light brown accessories. This is the perfect outfit for channeling fall even when it is still 90 degrees outside. 

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