Friday, November 7, 2014

Rainy Days & Rule-Breaking

Rainy Days & Rule-Breaking
{An Outfit of the Day}

Outfit Details
Yellow Skirt | Ebay
Navy Sweater | Gap
Umbrella Collared Top | Crossroads Trading Co.
Ankle Boots | Kimchi Blue
Navy Hat | Crossroads Trading Co.
Belt | Thrifted
Umbrella | Target
Lipstick | Limecrime

Who says you can't pair black, brown and navy together? Some fashion rules serve there purpose (proportions, mixing timeless pieces and trendy, ect.) but then there are those rules that seriously need to be kicked to the curb. No white after labor day? Hello, sometimes in the winter I just want to look a snowbunny without judgement! Another being this rule that states you can't pair neutrals together. So basically you can pair any color with these neutrals yet you can't wear them together?
 I call BS. 
I have been dying for an excuse to wear this bright yellow skirt I found for just a few bucks off of ebay. I knew I wanted to pair this with my navy sweater but that is as far as my creativity could stretch for a while. Day after day it hung in my close waiting to be worn. Finally one day I woke up and looked outside to see the muggy weather and decided, "today I need to brighten things up, time to break out that skirt!" I played around with different mixtures until I found this peter pant top with dainty little umbrellas sprinkled all over. I took a chance and tried it on and it paired perfectly. I knew I wanted to rock my oxford booties and red lip with this outfit on behalf of the release of Taylor Swift's new album, 1989. Why yes, I am that fangirl.
The wierd thing about Sacramento is that even when it rains it really isn't that cold, so on this day I was able to get away with not wearing tights. I had to of course pair this look together with a fabulous floppy hat for a polished look.
Not gonna lie, I kind of remind myself of the morton salt girl in these photo's, but hey I guess you could say she is an icon in her own right?
Oh and I guess I can address the elephant in the room... the sun.
Another thing about Sacramento weather is that it can rain for an hour or 2, and then it can be clear the rest of the day. So let's just pretend it's rainy ;)

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