About Me

Hello there, I'm Kathleen!
Welcome to my closet 

I Adore...
Pastels. Bows. Cats. Tulle. Paris.
 Dresses. Lipstick. Mint. Teacups. Tiffany & Co. Sex and the City. 
Daisies. Light Pink. Christmas. Lace. Polka Dots. Full Skirts. Disneyland. High Heels.
 500 Days of Summer. Peter Pan Collars. Cosmos. Taylor Swift.
 New York. Vintage. Monograms. Breakfast at Tiffany's. 
Blush. Macarons. Kate Spade.

I Work...
Fashion Youtuber for Stylehaul
Sales Associate at J. Crew

I Study...
Fashion Merchandising and Marketing at San Francisco State University

I Admire...
Audrey Hepburn. 
Lauren Conrad. Rachel Bilson. 
Sarah Jessica Parker. Taylor Swift. 
Carrie Bradshaw. Zooey Deschanel. 
My Parents.

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