Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Holiday Outfit Ideas

Hello there! I'm Kathleen :)
Welcome to my closet of all things cute <3

Let me just start off by telling you a little back-story on myself.
Growing up in Los Angeles, I was surrounded by stylish people everywhere I turned.
However my parents were not your traditional "real housewives" type parents, showering their children with luxury goods. My parents were down-to-earth, work-for-what-you-want kind of folks. Every couple months if I had been good and staying on top of my chores, my mom would treat me to a little shopping trip at The Elephant Trunk, our local children's resale store. That store decked me out in everything from Marc Jacobs to Ralph Lauren, all for less than the price of an outfit at Target. 

This is where my love of resale began.

Today, I am still that little shopaholic I was back then... maybe just with a little better style now. (I will never understand how my mother let me walk around in Brittany Spears style belly shirts)

I love the fact that I can walk into Freestyle with $50 in hand and a bag full of tired clothing, and come out with a ton of new treasures. Today, I will be showing you 3 looks I put together with the amazing goodies I found at my local Freestyle and hopefully giving you all a little holiday outfit inspiration!


Look #1
Satin & Sparkle

Outfit Details
Sequin Contrast Sweater | Target
Magenta Satin Skirt | Freestyle Clothing Exchange (Ann Taylor)
Black Bow Tights | Ebay
Tassel Loafer Heels | Freestyle Clothing Exchange (Cosmopolitan)

This first outfit was based solely around these ADORABLE shoes that I found at Freestyle. These gorgeous heels were on display right as I walked in and after walking past them about 5 times, (I'm sure the girls at the counter thought I was nuts!) I decided I just needed to have them in my life. I previously worked for a custom suit designer in Sacramento and I acquired an appreciation of menswear, so when I saw these I thought they were the perfect mix of femininity and masculinity. Ok, ok I love the shoes... we get it! 
What are the holiday's without a little sparkle? Sequins are a necessity for this time of year and this ombre sweater gives just the right amount of twinkle. I love outfits that are black and white with a pop of color and so this magenta skirt created the perfect statement. For some texture, I added these bow printed tights to bring the outfit together.
This look would be perfect for a holiday party with all your friends. 
It has the perfect amount of playfulness and personality, and your girlfriends will be dying over these shoes!

Outfit #2
Pretty in Plaid

Outfit Details
Navy Sparkle Sweater | Freestyle Clothing Exchange (Phillip Lim)
Plaid Midi-skirt | Freestyle Clothing Exchange (vintage section)
Navy Pumps | Payless

You know that moment when you are shopping and you find that one special thing you have been searching forever for? I have been praying the shopping gods would bless me with a plaid midi-skirt, and Freestyle had me covered! I found this in the vintage section, which just might be my favorite area of the store. The regular merchandise is fabulous, but there is just nothing quite like knowing that you are purchasing a one-of-a-kind piece. 
I tried to keep the focus of this outfit on my skirt, or as my boyfriend likes to call it, my kilt! I wanted to keep with navy throughout the rest of my outfit but like I said before, what are the holidays without sparkle! This asymmetrical collared sweater has just a peak of bling at the neckline. Fun fact: I really wanted this sweater when this specialty line came out for Target but there was no way I would pay $45 bucks for it. However, the $10 I payed at Freestyle seemed much more reasonable. Lastly, I slipped on a pair of suede navy pumps and topped it all off with a classic red lip!
This look would be perfect for a work holiday party! Just the right amount of festivity and sparkle, while still being modest and professional.

Outfit #3
Vintage Glam

Outfit Details
Maroon Pleated Gown | Freestyle Clothing Exchange
Gold Statement Necklace | Medusa's Heirlooms in NYC 
Faux Fur Jacket | Freestyle Clothing Exchange (forever 21)

Why is it not socially acceptable to wear full length cocktail gowns everyday?
This last look may be a little much for your traditional holiday party. However if you are lucky enough to have an excuse to get dressed up this year, go all out glam! I found this gown once again in the vintage section at Freestyle. I knew that I would have absolutely no place to wear it but something inside of me just had to have it! For any of you fellow fashion history nerds, this dress reminded me of one of Mariano Fortuny's Delpho gowns. 
I decided to pair this dress with another vintage piece that I found while in New York this past year. This gold choker has an art deco feel and paired perfectly with the gown. Now as if this outfit wasn't fancy enough, I tossed a fur jacket over the shoulders to complete the look. 
Like I said before, this may be too fancy for a holiday party with your buddies. However this look would be perfect for those rare occasions where you can get all dolled up. Perhaps a winter wedding or a special date night with your significant other?
Or if you're like me and just like taking cool pictures in gorgeous gowns...hahaha

Thank you so much to Freestyle for the opportunity of guest blogging 
and for having all of these amazing pieces to keep me stylish this season on college student's budget!

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